Essence Fest 2013 fashion: Neon accessories, printed frocks set the tone

It’s no secret that fashion is as important as the music at Essence Fest, and the 19th annual edition is proving to be no exception. On Friday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the fashion scene was right on trend with runway fashion from neon-colored accessories to all-over printed frocks. From California to Connecticut, fest-goers came a mighty long way with plenty of daily outfit changes, some boasting a minimum of three wardrobe changes per day.

The frills and thrills of fashion are not reserved for women, and the gentlemen did not disappoint, showing up in full suits complete with colorful exotic shoes and extravagant hats.

As the weekend goes on, the Essence Festival runway will become more jaw-dropping.

One group of men who were dressed to the nines said “wait until you see us tomorrow; we do this every year we will start planning for 2014 as soon as this weekend is over.”

Check back with for more reports as the festival continues.

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